Married To A Chicago Bully 2

Married To A Chicago Bully 2

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I ’d been gone too long, it was time for me to remind these people why the streets called me GOD. – Atif
After a near death experience, Atif finds himself incapacitated, leaving his second in command in charge. While in recovery, the wife he left behind reappears in his life to stake her claim. Does he make it work with the woman he vowed to love and co-parent? Or does he make the ultimate sacrifice to protect his sanity?

He gave me my ‘love confidence’, I loved Atif Hermes with all my heart and soul. And if it took the rest of my life to prove it, then so be it. – Kapri
Every good man has a good woman behind him, holding him down. With her man in a life or death situation and facing a pregnancy alone, Kapri shuts down mentally. Love has a crazy way of reuniting this couple throughout all that’s at stake. When she sees firsthand how their bond transcends their circumstances, does Kapri prove once and for all Atif is all she needs to get by?

She needed to go somewhere and get her mind right quick because I wasn’t gonna play those games with her that her husband did. Tanji needed to understand that I moved WAY different. – Prince
As the acting King of Chicago, Prince has his hands full with the cutthroat streets of the Chi. Tasked with balancing thug life with his changing personal life, Tanji’s problems only added more to his already full plate. When the opportunity to get revenge on the one person who started their current debacle presents itself, Prince hops on it immediately. But does it end in his favor? Or do the streets lay claim to yet another statistic?

Every morning when I wake up I promise I’ll choose you. Always… - Tanji
Steve’s death wasn’t as crushing as it should have been, and that was because her Prince kissed it and made everything better. Life as a semi pampered princess had its perks, especially when your man was the current king of the streets. When Steve’s family accuses her of orchestrating his demise, Tanji may be forced to face a difficult situation with circumstances that may not end in her favor. Does she finally face the skeletons in her own closet?

Had Aram kept his word in the old country, me and his son could’ve lived happily ever after. Certainly we wouldn’t be here. – Free
Honor. Loyalty. Allegiance. These words used to mean something in the small village of Ararat where Atif Hermes’ family was from. When his father used them, they meant betrayal, treachery and deceit. Free was promised to Atif in exchange for her father’s loyalty to his countryman, and reneged on that promise as soon as the opportunity presented itself. Ever since that day, Free swore to get revenge of the most powerful family in Armenia one way or the other. And if fate saw it fit to bring about Atif’s extinction in the process, then so be it.