Pretty Gurls Love Savages 2

Pretty Gurls Love Savages 2

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If a woman keep shooting down your advances, just take the L.

How far will you go when it comes to defending what’s yours against those who choose to rip away your happiness for their own selfish gain? Time and time again, Zane has proven to be disloyal to the blood oath he shared with his brothers while expecting their loyalty in return. Jordynn has her own set of issues with the Stavros brothers, which has nothing to do with him, but nonetheless, Zane is persistent. What happens when Deo is finally fed up with his antics?

Everything done in the dark eventually comes to light, and nobody knows this better than Kim. Toxic relationships are draining enough, but a toxic relationship with a narcissistic parent is enough to send even the most sane person over the edge. During a heated argument, Kim’s mother spews a secret that fractures Kim’s already fragile mental state to pieces. In her emotional turmoil, does she commit the ultimate crime to exact her revenge against Jordynn and everyone else who wronged her?

In love, some lines shouldn’t be crossed. In the case of true love, all bets are off when the heart wants what it wants. Christophé moves in silence while keeping a low profile, but an unexpected relationship with a forbidden love thrusts him in the spotlight. He wanted her first, but in the end, her heart wanted someone else. With time, one love faded while the other grew stronger, thus creating a recipe for destruction in Christophé’s eyes. Will he risk it all for true love?

When a pretty gurl falls in love, she goes through great lengths to protect her heart from the savages. When a savage falls in love with a pretty gurl, he falls hard.