Pretty Gurls Love Savages 3

Pretty Gurls Love Savages 3

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Secret: /’sēkrit/ adj. Not known or seen, not to be known or seen by others.

In this series finale, all things done in the dark must eventually come to light, and this rings true, especially for Deo. In his eyes, his entire life has been one elaborate lie, and he’s ready for the truth. But when he gets it, can he handle it?

With a new baby, life should be happily ever after with Deo and Jordynn. Baby Journee’s birth takes a toll on this happy couple that puts a strain on their relationship. Will the stress of a new baby be the one thing that tears them apart?

Jordynn and Journee were the only family they had growing up after their mother died. The struggle to survive often took a back seat to their sisterly bond, and that bond was something Jordynn craved since she reconnected with her sister. When she finds out she has another sibling, will the connection be the same, especially considering how they are related?

Feeling hurt and betrayed by the people who should have loved her, Kim is back on the streets with a new attitude: cash rules everything around her. With blue hundreds raining all around, does she finally give up her dreams of becoming Mrs. Kim Stavros? Or does her world come crashing down yet again because of her karma?

So much has changed in his life as Chris prepares for the first Stavros of the next generation. Getting Xander out of the picture was the easy part, now all he had to do was love on his woman and new child. Or was it? Does Xander’s death release a whole new set of enemies that he never saw coming?

Take a ride out to the slums and find out if pretty gurls still feenin’ for them Milwaukee savages.